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Find everything you need, from smoking accessories to local art.

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Tinctures, topicals, pet products and more. We will help you find the CBD product that's right for you.

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Explore our extensive inventory of smoking accessories.

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Find high-end medical marijuana, local art and CBD products at Earthly Delights of Maine in Manchester. Unlike a dispensary, our knowledgeable, certified caregiver staff will welcome you to find the medical marijuana or CBD products you need. Clients with medical cards can visit our patient area for a free consultation.

So much more than medical cannabis

Even if you don't have a medical card, you can still visit the general area of our cannabis store. We welcome non-patients to:

Buy art and jewelry made by artists in the Manchester, Maine area.

Consult with our staff about the benefits of CBD products.

View our wide selection of smoking accessories.

Visit Earthly Delights of Maine today to enjoy an upscale shopping experience like no other.

Find relief with our premium medical cannabis and CBD products from Earthly Delights of Maine. We pride ourselves in setting apart from big dispensaries by putting our patients first, carrying naturally grown cannabis, high quality extracts and consistent edibles. Whether you're visiting our cannabis store for medicinal products, pet supplies or locally made jewelry, youʼre sure to find nothing less than excellence. Contact us today! 

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